Concrete Solutions and Carbon Utilization


September 17, 2012

By Matt Palmer

I have been busy the last few weeks with a number of things, and sadly that has kept me from writing here. Later this week I am heading off to New York for some meetings on my project, and then on October 5th I am off to Cannes for the film and television market at MIPCOM. There is lots to get done for these two trips so blog writing has taken a back seat for the moment.

I did come across an interesting article, thanks to a Facebook friend, on carbon utilization that holds great promise. The story CarbonCure Makes Concrete Go Green is about a Halifax based company CarbonCure Technologies. Their new technology takes industrial carbon dioxide and infuses it into concrete. Brilliant.

When you consider that production of concrete is responsible for at least 5% of global CO2 emissions (I have seen as high as 8-10%) it makes sense to find ways to lessen this impact. One of the critical markets for this technology according to the company is in the developing world.

One of the great things about this technology, according to the article is that it is cost effective and scalable. Stories like this show that solutions to some big problems are being found by small companies using innovative thinking. So while political leaders may continue to argue about what to do, innovative companies and communities are implementing and acting on credible solutions.

Carbon utilization technology needs to be a big part of the present and future in order to deal with hard realities. The hard realities are our reliance on fossil fuels. That dependence will continue for some time to come. Finding ways to mitigate fossil fuel impacts is as important as developing new energy technology, because there is no way to run away from using fossil fuels in the immediate future.

There are many interesting opportunities with carbon utilization, and a myriad of products and uses to be harnessed. Here is a link to a short paper on how some of it works.



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