West Coast Beauty

July 31, 2012

By Matt Palmer

I have been back from vacation for about ten days now, but still working on getting back into the swing of work. It has been a busy time. Last week, I shot a couple of videos for a friend’s business, and I have spent a great deal of time going through all the photographs from my family vacation.

This was our first big road trip as a family. We traveled from Calgary, across the Rocky Mountains to the west coast, beautiful British Colombia. After two days in Vancouver, we took three ferries to Hornby Island, off the east coast of Vancouver Island. We spent a week on this beautiful paradise, one of the only Gulf islands with sandy beaches. Then we journeyed to Saltspring Island, and finally back home.

Here are some of the photographs from our travels. Hope you enjoy.


About Unintended Consequences Documentary Project

I'm Producing and directing a multi-platform documentary project on global energy called "Unintended Consequences".
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One Response to West Coast Beauty

  1. Absolutely stunning photographs Matt. They speak volumes for the importance of protecting our environment. Thanks for this and for all that you do to help the rest of us understand the complex issues underlying our dependence on fossil fuels and the search for practical alternatives.

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