Plotting a road map for a low-carbon future – The Globe and Mail

Plotting a road map for a low-carbon future – The Globe and Mail.

February 16, 2012

By Matt Palmer

This in an exciting article, pointing to how innovative thinking can push us to solve complex problems.

I’m excited by this because the head of the Equinox Group is one of the members of the Advisory Committee for my project, Dr Jatin Nathwani. The partnership with Waterloo University Institute of Sustainable Environment was formed in February/March last year. I read an opinion piece by Dr Natwani in the Globe and Mail called “Red Flags on Green Energy“. In the article he discussed issues directly related to what I am investigating.

I sent Dr Nathwani an email and told him about my project. After reading the proposal he agreed to a relationship with his Institute. Then in November he came to Calgary for the Clean Energy Congress, and I had the opportunity to take him to dinner.

We had a great conversation, and it was gratifying to have some one of his stature validating my vision, and willing to share his expertise to ensure the content is excellent.


About Unintended Consequences Documentary Project

I'm Producing and directing a multi-platform documentary project on global energy called "Unintended Consequences".
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