The Importance of Energy Density

By Matt Palmer


I am not an energy expert, a scientist, or involved in the energy industry in any way. I am storyteller, and my primary concern as a documentary filmmaker is to inspire constant critical thinking about issues. As I research, my own ideas and perceptions change, and when I do “settle” on a way of thinking, I do my best ensure that I am still open to other ways of thinking. This is not an easy task. Society has become so polarized, and that polarization has become like a badge of honour. Witness recent political campaigns in Canada, and what is currently taking place in the US. It is time to bust this paradigm apart. Blast it to smithereens so that so that standards of liberal/conservative, right/left fade from the spotlight, and the primacy of the idea, of innovative thinking, rises.


What I am suggesting is not an easy course, nor should it be. Look at where we are though, and ask if the current level of discourse is serving our needs, and desires for a better life. Isn’t that what it is all about in the end, the desire we all have for a better life. We all define what that better life is differently, yet there is also much that is the same.


When I get passionate about a subject I have a tendency, a pattern, of being excitable, and vociferous to the point where I sometimes forget to listen. I get so wrapped up in worrying about having my opinions heard, that I forget to be quiet and listen. Imagine how much we all could gain by being quiet, by listening more than we talk. When we take the time to listen, sometimes our ideas and assumptions will be confirmed, and often they will be challenged.  It is something to ponder, and an idea worth practicing.


Over the past few months, since launching the public campaign for my project in October, I have made a lot of great connections with individuals from all over who are concerned about the future of energy. One of them is John Doz who is a Physicist and Environmental Advocate from the northern US. John is actively involved in the anti-wind movement. I am on a mailing list that he puts out, an aggregator of energy news. He is a great resource for someone like me.


The following link is an article I found in his email today. It is about the importance of “energy density“. This is one of the terms that I will use a lot in my project. Energy density, power density, scalability, constancy – these are some of the attributes that are key to a good energy system. Take a moment and read this great article by the UK’s Royal Academy of Engineering.


About Unintended Consequences Documentary Project

I'm Producing and directing a multi-platform documentary project on global energy called "Unintended Consequences".
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